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  1. @Richard Hamilton might be able to help. I've tagged his name so he should see this post.
  2. @Skidd another option would be to remove the key blade and just send the fob, it comes out easily when you split the case.
  3. You select what is displayed on the dash by using the OBD stalk.
  4. Text the guy asking for his address and insurance details. If you don't get a reply you know he was trying it on.
  5. You must have connected both head unit wires up to a permanent live, you need to run one wire to a switched live in the fuse box.
  6. Home after 1115 miles trip around Scotland this weekend

  7. There not on all the time, just when you put the light switch in the 'Home' position
  8. I would say there not as bright as most factory DRL's so shouldn't be dazzling to other road users.
  9. These are the ones I used:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-2-PCS-SUPER-BRIGHT-WHITE-4-5W-H7-H8-CANBUS-LED-CAR-FOG-LIGHT-BULBS-WITH-LENS-/201310586365? No errors, battery drain or filling.
  10. Is the diode the right way round? The sliver band marked end goes to the yellow/red wire.
  11. I've done this mod on my 987, but I wouldn't wire the fogs up so they stay on with the headlight. You'll end up dazzling other road user's.
  12. I'm up near Blackpool but thanks. Ordered the Anti-glare screen protectors for now.
  13. How do you find the screen on the Parrot unit on sunny days? I can hardly see the display on my Pioneer unit. Thinking of ordering some Anti-glare screen protectors for now but not really happy with the unit I've fitted so now concidering the Parrot as a replacement.
  14. Great write up . I thought about doing a write up about my install with the Bose system but I my pictures are not as clear as yours. For anybody contemplating doing this but has Bose you need to either replace the amp or use NavTv's optical interface available here:-http://www.nav.tv/products/head-unit-replacement-por-hur It's a very simple unit requiring only about 6 connections... pity it costs the earth.
  15. I can get the site, but can't get the links to the PDF files. There's a link here to the Porsche parts catalogue if your desperate. https://techinfo.porsche.com/techinfo/pdf/e...986_KATALOG.pdf
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