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  1. I doubt you will get a pra rata refund though - check first what it will cost you to cancel.
  2. It depends what the question is. If they ask you if you have any motoring convictions you ae under no obligation to tell them about a SAC. If they do ask the question you must answer truthfully. I have never been asked the question by any company I have gone to for a quote. None of the comparison sites I have used asked it either.
  3. You can reduce cost to £1400 ish by not opting for Porsche assist.
  4. Yep - have to agree the Flex Plus insurance benefit is excellent. Covers travel insurance too - worldwide + winter sports cover included?
  5. Very surprised if no increase in premium for the reasons you mention. I know different circumstances but when my teenage son paased his test some years ago they tried to hike the prmium from £1200 pa to £3k+. We moved insurer needless to say.
  6. Nanny state cr*p. Hacks me off that that the days of the numpties subsidising those who are on the ball and have an ounce of common sense may soon be numbered.
  7. I don't know if there is a Portuguese equivalent of the MIB (which was set up here specifically to cover the innocent parties in uninsured/untraced insurance incidents). If not I would guess that your insurers may take the view that to pursue a claim against the owners of the other vehicle would be a more time consuming ( and costly?) option than settling with you under your comprehensive cover.
  8. If it was in the UK then you could pursue a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau but, unless things have changed, only in respect of personal injuries. Again if in the UK, and assuming comprehensive cover, your insurer would be responsible for the repair to your vehicle and, if applicable, attempting to recover any coats via the MIB. Sorry but no idea re Portugal. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for the bump Steve :D

  10. The basic rule is that you accept the risk if you participate in the track day - the TDO will ensure you sign to this effect before taking part. If you want to insure your car for damage incurred then you can take out track day cover - but it only covers damage to your car not anybody elses. If you don't have insurance and someone damages your can then that's the risk you take. I would guess you could take legal proceedings against anyone else causing your damage if they were negligent, but the chances of success would be remote as you have chosen to participate and
  11. I'm my experience one off track day insurance is stupidly expensive. Much better to choose an insurer for your annual policy who offer it either included or as an add on.
  12. Does their website offer no help? I'm with Saga and their guidance says 'Modifications are changes made to the manufacturer's standard specification for the car. Examples would include; changes to the bodywork, mechanical changes, changes to the engine management system or suspension etc. You don't need to tell us about optional extras that were fitted by the manufacturer when the car was new, such as; parking sensors and rear view cameras, navigation equipment, bike racks etc, or if a tow bar has been fitted at any time.'
  13. Used esure for a non Porsche car some years ago. No experience of claims so cannot comment on that aspect. As always, particularly with the cheaper companies, its vital to read all of the conditions etc.
  14. Unusual wording and I would find another insurer. Probably just a way of a 'cheaper' insurer extracting more money from you when you present them with your list of options. On the above wording you would have to declare all options selected.
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