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  1. I doubt you will get a pra rata refund though - check first what it will cost you to cancel.
  2. It depends what the question is. If they ask you if you have any motoring convictions you ae under no obligation to tell them about a SAC. If they do ask the question you must answer truthfully. I have never been asked the question by any company I have gone to for a quote. None of the comparison sites I have used asked it either.
  3. Thanks for the bump Steve :D

  4. As always with insurance the requirement is to tell the absolute truth. If the question is 'Do you have any speeding convictions' then a SAC is NOT a conviction and does not need to be declared.
  5. w*nk*rs If they cant prove the question was asked then I don't believe they can change the contract already entered into. They may have the right to cancel the policy under their tcb's however.
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