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  1. I put all my details on one of the site sponsor insurances asking for a quote & they never got back.
  2. Just had the Insurance renewal notice. It's for myself & the wife. We were with the RAC & they wanted £340, almost £60 more than last year. So I went on Compare the Market & have got the same cover for £214 with LVE. I never bothered contacting the RAC to see if they could match it, it really does pay to look around when your insurance is due. It's so simple to do now. Why do these companies just increase, year on year? We have 9 years NCB & you'd think they'd reward you, by lowering it or at least not increasing it.
  3. I can only dream of the day my insurance will be like that. It's over 2500 at mo Wow!! £360 is very good then as it's for me & my wife, being old does have it's benefits.
  4. Hi, Can you reccomend an Insurance company, I've done the confused.com bit & it's not too bad (£360) but are the specialist performance company cheaper? John B
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