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  1. Same here so never changed it. Guvs.
  2. Hi Clive.

    I feel really cheeky offering this and I wont be in the slightest offended if you say Pi!!! off, but if you do want to get rid of the red stitching one I can offer you £125, it'll cost me £25 to get it couriered to me and as I said before I can't justify spending silly money just for cosmetic reasons, although it dose look really smart.

    I'm even as we speak sorting out a "for sale advert" so I'm not going to get that £150 back and its not going to be a deal breaker anyway just another smart extra.

    Hope you do manage to find a buyer as it is worth more than what I have offered I know that.

    Steve G.   

  3. Good luck, the same/similar happened to me as well but like Boxstercol I was due an upgrade anyway and got a 987, bad way to lose a loved Boxster but it forced my hand into upgrading sooner than I planed. all the advice above is sound and what I did it worked for me. Guvs. P.S. Glad there were no major injuries I was lucky in my accident as well.
  4. Very Good job, I would do that Mod if I had a 98I as well. I got this piece of perspex done to make a wind breaker for my MG once it had a tint of Green in it and it look oem for the colour of the MG, I thought it looked smart. Guvs.
  5. Just checked this morning and in the Get you home mode my side lights and fog lights come on together, that info might help if yours do the same. Guvs.
  6. I see what you mean, is it just your side lights come on when you have your light switch in the "get you home position" (ie 12oclock) ? thinking about it that's not going to help much as it's the fog lights that come on in the "get you home mode" on my Gen 1 with my aftermarket LED ones, not the side light, I will have to check when it gets dark if the side lights comes on as well as the fog lights, as you only notice the fog lights as they are so bright and they would hide the side lights. Guvs.
  7. Good luck with that Ian, @Araf hope the wiring loom on the Gen 2 is the same colours as the Gen 1 might help. Guvs.
  8. Not sure if he removes anything, I was under the impression/lead to believe that he just re-directs the flow of gases somewhere within the back box. Guvs.
  9. Looking forward to seeing them fitted, they will look very modern and if you'r like me I can't decide what setting to have them on !! you'll know what I mean when you get them fitted. Guvs.
  10. Thanks FH I've just worked that out after just posting another thread about rear LED's I got mine from Taiwan not Jonathan. Don't spend toooo much money Guvs.
  11. I can't confirm but if i had to guess i would say 215 not 115 as said a typo, ffs someone ring him I'm not from out here it'll cost me a fortune, Guvs.
  12. Just for you FH ( @fat haggis ) this is a conversation I had with someone else on here about them. "I spoke to him about doing a deal for Boxster.net members and he will do them for £115 all in P&P, no tax, no waiting, the other ones I've seen were from Taiwan and I got caught for £38 duty on my rear lights coming into the country, so it is a good deal if you really wont them. His name is Jonathan number is 07779622635 just tell him your off BoXa.net or mention me (Guvs) he only holds a small stock of expensive items." Guvs.
  13. Sorry lads only now seeing this post. I'm out in Barbados got here today, in answer to the below @Bike Loon you got it right I have the contact number of a good UK supplier somewhere fair discount for BoXa.net members, and no hassle with duties i'll try and dig it out later if anyone wants it. Guvs
  14. Hi Guvs

    Thanks for your invite, we would like to join you and the Boxta members for the meal. We will order as follows

    Starter Prawn Salad and Bruschetta.

    Main Fish Pie X2

    Pudding Brownie and Bread and Butter Pudding.

    Look Forward to meeting you.

    Kind Regards

    Andy & Corinne

    PS This is our first Boxta Meet

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