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Surprise Insurance Question

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Around the end of Feb I was told having a windscreen claim affected your insurance, having come from the time where glass claims were never asked about or mentioned I though I'd check, so went onto Compare the Meercat and did a quote with and without a windscreen claim. Finding out the difference was a massive £10. Not to bad and lesson learnt.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, my renewal came through from Aviva, £3 more than last year, happy with the price I just renewed. 

Today I got an email from the saying "Do you want to check your details? We've noticed you declared a claim on a quote back in Feb...."

Amazing how linked everything is and how it might bite you if you do come to claim. Makes me wonder if I'm now marked in the system as a higher risk as I "might" have a claim I'm not declaring, even though I don't and was just looking at price differences

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As you’ve found, you need to be careful on comparison sites when running multiple scenarios as obviously all the data is sent to all the insurers to get quotes. They are on the lookout for testing how much declaring a claim would cost and will bump your quotes if they suspect you’re hiding it by requoting without the claim. I’ve read of cases where people couldn’t get quotes from comparison site due to it being apparent they were just seeing what would give the lowest quote irrespective of the truth.

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They can suspect you may be hiding something, but all claims are recorded in the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) anyway, so its easy to check if I have had a claim, all they are doing when asking you to declare is seeing if you are honest and providing them with a get out if you're not. In todays data age we shouldn't need to keep inputting already known data they should be able to access it and present it as fact to the person requiring a quote. Would certainly save typing the same stuff time and time again.


Lesson learnt though, next time I try scenarios I'll use a duff name and reg.

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i consider every question asked by an insurance company to be a potential trap and they are fastidious when it comes to compiling your "big picture" - but not so much the other way around....

I have a multicar policy all the family plus the dog's car 5 in total - I used to have an Audi A4, about 18 months after I sold it, and took it off the policy I got a letter from my insurer telling me they had opened a claim regarding the undeclared incident with "my car".

I called and inquired and they were vague.... the incident was I had hit a parked car, in a place I had never been to on a day I was about 150 miles away from..... more questions, and it was "the Audi" - I said I didn't own or insure an Audi with them, they replied, oh it must be one you are a named driver on...... I asked again for more details - suggesting that they were referring to the Audi I used to own - they then confirmed the reg..... I pointed out again that it was not insured by me with them and they said "can you prove you sold it" - to which I replied - yes, but ownership isn't the issue, its more the proof that I don't have it insured - to that end here is your email confirm the change of vehicle and your email confirming the vehicles covered. They said I had to prove I didn't own it - I replied that I didn't own most of the millions of cars in the UK - would they like proof for EVERY car I didn't own and didn't insure, if they didn't mind hanging on the phone for the next 5 years I would run through all the cars I saw that I didn't own.

At that point they said "ok our mistake, our system just gave your name as the insured for this car"... so either they hadn't ever taken it off risk or the new owner had never insured it...." - I got written confirmation that it was nothing to do with me and moved on, expecting it to come up again at some point because they are simply a law unto themselves - I hope one day the motor insurance industry and the "approved repairers - owned by insurance companies, who inflate the repair prices" get the same reaming that the banks had.



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I had my screen (in Porsche) changed a couple of years ago. I also had a separate van policy, when van policy renewed I rang to tell them I’d had screen changed on other policy. Paraphrasing they said “why on earth are you bothering to tell us that, that is irrelevant to this policy”……can’t win sometimes!!

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